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19.5 Jenny Tuite: She Does Music by Elaine Sheldon


Curated by Elaine Sheldon

This She Does Music episode features the blue-haired, badass guitarist, Jenny Tuite, from Dirty Dishes and Cloud Cover. We soundtracked Ep. 19 with Stacy Kranitz with Dirty Dishes' full album, Guilty, but this episode introduces you to some of her other work. Dirty Dishes is known for their well crafted and gritty rock songs. They've been called "the best kept secret of alternative rock." The shoegazey pair is made up of Jenny on vocals and guitar; and Alex Molini on synth and bass. She also has her own band, called Cloud Cover. It's lo-fi/bedroom pop, much more minimal than Dirty Dishes. Listen, learn and love.

Dirty Dishes performing "Guilty" live at Hanging Horse in Norwood, MA w/ video & audio recorded by Bradford Krieger, GUILTY available on Bandcamp, 12" Vinyl out now on Exploding in Sound records & cassettes on Seagreen Records

Alot of people that write, they leave it up to the people to decide how to interpret it. But I kind of want to do the opposite. If I’m writing something, I want to make people feel exactly how I’m feeling at that moment.
— Jenny Tuite