17.5 Springtime Carnivore: She Does Music / by Elaine Sheldon


Curated by Elaine Sheldon

In 2014, Greta Morgan released her first album as Springtime Carnivore. Following that release she has had an exciting 2015; touring with Of Montreal, Father John Misty and Jenny Lewis. When we talked with her for this interview she was gearing up to join Jenny Lewis on tour. “I’m doing this interview on a hammock. Something about talking about myself lying vertical makes me feel like this is therapy. So it might get weird.”

It didn’t get that weird, but it definitely got exciting when Greta told us that she’s currently recording her next album, set to release next year. “This album will be the best thing I’ve ever made. It really feels like the past 10 years I've been preparing to make this record. Everything that’s happened in the last year has opened me up and allows me to be way more vulnerable and way more raw than I ever have.”

Before that next record drops, we recommend you spend some time with her first album. It brought Sarah and I alive while editing, and made Pamela Ribon’s stories that much more impactful. Heck...even when we weren’t editing this episode we still craved this album. We listened to it while cooking and in our mid-day slump to give us a boost. We’re eternally grateful to have collaborated and met Greta. Songs like “The Collectors," "Name on a Matchbook,"  and “Last One To Know” are crowd hits, but I love what Greta has achieved with “Western Pink,” “Low Clouds,” and “Karen Bird’s Theme.” Instrumental tracks that say so much without saying anything at all. They are on repeat and keep me wishing for more. Keep 'em coming Greta.


Do you have any pre-performance rituals? Before the show, the most important thing to do is make sure I feel really connected to bandmates. I play with a rotating cast of people depending on who is available; all people who I trust completely. We have a huddle moment where nothing else matters but us. I like the rituals of dressing for a show. I'm the least diva person you've ever met. Generally all my show clothes are crumpled in a grocery bag. But I like the feeling of doing a vocal warm up by just singing songs that I like and putting on show clothes. It's such a nice feeling, a beautiful kind of anticipation.

Do you know what triggers creative moments? I've been of going through a ton personally. A breakup from a very serious relationship and pretty intense family stuff. There's been a lot of...growth emotionally and mentally. I'm processing a lot of feelings that I've never experienced before. Complicated venn diagrams with a million feelings all at once. There's alot of stuff to process, that really fuels my creativity, if I don't release the emotions I freak out.

What does music have the potential to do? Everyday that we are living our lives, we are either moving closer to becoming the person we were meant to be, becoming the person we are possible of being, or becoming a numb, zombified, dumbed-down, mediocre version of what is possible. Music has been the the thing that keeps drawing me into the possible side. Music reminds people of who they are or of what they want; a sense of themselves that they might lose otherwise.

Do you identify with your home city of Chicago? I really identify with Chicago and the Midwest. The people are salt of the Earth. People work without expectations and without delusion. There's a very realistic hardworking attitude that most of my Chicago friends and I have. I really identify with that. I love working and identify with the attitude that, 'Any job you do with dignity is a dignified job.' 


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