25.5 The Daddyo's: She Does Music / by Elaine Sheldon

Kylie Hastings (left), Allen Martin (center), Kylie Slabby (right) 

Kylie Hastings (left), Allen Martin (center), Kylie Slabby (right) 


Curated by Sarah Ginsburg

Kylie Slabby and Kylie Hastings met on the first day of 6th grade, became best friends, and started making music together in their bedrooms because their parents wouldn’t let them go to the movies on Friday nights like all the other kids did. Along with drummer and guitarist Allen Martin, they became The Daddyo’s, a lo-fi, dream pop, grunge band based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. No matter the genre of their music or weight of their songs, The Daddyo’s will transports you to a very specific time in life. And even if your teenage years and early twenties are nothing like theirs, somehow, you can still fall into their world.


LISTEN: The Daddyo's Bandcamp & Soundcloud, Kylie Slabby's other band Who and The Fucks Bandcamp, Kylie Slabby's solo project Ramona & The Phantoms Soundcloud

WATCH: "Crop Top"

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