She Does podcast features creative minds working in media. Each episode centers around an intimate conversation yet digs deeper into each woman's background, philosophy and process through artful audio documentaries soundtracked by music made by women. The show is hosted and created by Elaine Sheldon and Sarah Ginsburg, documentary makers who are interested in how their guests got to where they are today.

Whether up and coming or well-established, She Does features notable women of all generations, working at the intersection of media, film, journalism, art and technology. We bring you stories of what makes these women tick, their beginnings, their roadblocks, and the delightful bits in between. Join us, every other Wednesday, as we present you with a sound portrait perfect for your commute to work or a run. 

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I make short, feature-length and interactive documentaries, take photos, collect sound and ask lots of questions to strangers. My interactive doc, Hollow, received a 2013 Peabody and was nominated for a 2014 News & Documentary Emmy. It’s a cool project about a place that I love; I have done several projects since, including some work for the New York Times Op-Docs and the International Red Cross. I like running, old people, traveling, holding my large dog in tiny-dog positions, people watching, and drinking black coffee and strong IPA’s. You can find me on InstagramTwitter and The Book. I teach workshops, give talks about media and make movies, photographs and apps. Get in touch.


After growing up in the magical Midwest town of Columbia, Missouri, I went on to study Film Production at Emerson College in Boston. I stuck around Boston after graduating and work here as a filmmaker and editor. I’ve been involved in various documentary projects, including the award-winning interactive Hollow, which was when stars aligned and I first met Elaine. When I’m not in my dark editing cave, I’m most likely walking around my neighborhood, chopping vegetables, exploring New England, or harassing my parents to send me pictures of their new puppy. I’m fascinated by the overlooked aspects of life and I continue to challenge myself to illuminate even the tiniest ingredients that make up our everyday.


CHRISTINE COVER: I am an artist/illustrator/art teacher. I dabble in singing and songwriting the way Michael Jordan dabbled in baseball – it’s a fun idea but I don’t really perform. Sarah Ginsburg (see above) and I met in 4th grade on the kickball field and have been friends ever since Max kicked me in the shins that one time at recess. I received my BFA in drawing and painting from the University of Missouri and soon after, realized how much money I spent in order to be unemployable and requested a do-over. I then finished my M.Ed. in art education in May 2014 and have since taken up teaching high schoolers how to watch YouTube videos of corgis and listen to Third Eye Blind under the guise of “art inspiration.” My aspirations include: 1.) Being the Joey Potter of my own life 2.) Space Jam. I'd love to create something for you and encourage you to email me if you're interested.



ALIJAH CASE: I love good stories and the people who tell them, and I’m figuring the rest out as I go. My background is in literature and anthropology, and my work and play revolve around giving voices to stories I believe in, especially to ones that might otherwise go unheard. I like to collect and make things from found objects (my secret code word for trash), write tiny stories, read stories of any length, snuggle with cats, try new cheeses and ride my bike. I live in Somerville where I seek everyday magic and places to get my hands dirty.


BILLY WIRASNIK: I am a musician, sound advocate and audio post-producer for film, radio, and interactive media. I'm based in Boston and was the sound director on HOLLOW. I'm a fan of 48-hour film festivals and am happy to say I just completed my first feature-length film. Elaine and I met in Boston in 2010, when she moved into my attic. We became fast friends, but my cat--Bibblezz--and Elaine's dog--The Keez--remain enemies. I spend my days doing field recordings, composing music and sound designing this podcast, along with many other projects. Find me here.


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Love it and want more episodes

by kelliannejones
I've listened to multiple episodes a day and dreading the day (probably tomorrow) when I don't have enough to keep up at this pace. It's truly inspiring, addicting, funny, relatable and very well-crafted. I even love the bonus that I'm discovering new music while also learning so much about the paths of brilliant storytellers. Great for the soul and the mind.

Yay for ladies

by katie.ann321
Such a unique sounding podcast with topics worth listening to. I feel more intelligent and more inspired as a lady to get sh*t done. Will officially be talking about this podcast non stop to any person I meet. Keep up the stellar work ladies! 

THIS is the podcast I’ve been waiting for...

by MissKendraV 
Although I would love nothing more than to support women-made-media, nearly all the podcast I listen to are men. I have tried several times, out of obligation, to find a podcast that takes into account a woman’s perspective from an authentic place, and also talks about the kinds of stories I feel are relevant to my social and professional journey: but to no avail. That was before I found the SHE DOES podcast! Ira Glass better watch his ass… 

Everything SHE DOES rules

 by michellemizner
Seriously everyone, add this show to your podcast feed. It's well produced, awesome guests, the hosts are cool and have great taste. I love these intimate little conversations and adventures into the hearts and minds of amazing female creators. Feels like you're having coffee with your newest friend forever. Thank you for producing such a great show. (Also the music selection = superb.) 


by Sunshine on my shoulders
The best way I can convey the quality of this show is to say this: I spent the day questioning the meaning of life (not in a bleak way, but in a searching-for-my-purpose way). And then, this evening, I listened to the episode featuring the film maker behind "Winter's Bone" while taking a moonlit walk. It left me feeling inspired and happy and a little bit restored. :) 


by Jen Mussari 
I wasn’t actively looking for an all-female podcast, but I’m so glad that I started listening to She Does. I didn’t realize how much was missing from my podcast listening! I absolutely love how the hosts will gradually remove themselves from the interviews as the podcast goes on, effectively letting their guests speak for themselves as they go on to highlight beautiful tangents. In the era of the “Ira Glass Explains It All” interview style, I found these podcasts so refreshing. The hosts don’t lead their guests with their questions (or patronize them with leading questions), and instead allow for the guests to control the conversations. There are so many incredible gems in here, and I can’t wait to hear more. Hooked. 


by Poetic License
New to podcast listening, this has become a fast favorite. Engaging hosts who don’t overpower their guests who are, in turn, forthcoming and warmly smart. I love the musical interludes, the fading voice overs, the arc of the editing. As a mid-life writer (primary poetry), community writing teacher, founding editor of an independent press, and a budding film maker, I find She Does professionally inspiring and encouraging. 


by bidimetoloves 
I've been listening to podcasts for ten years and it is rare to find one with such a distinct voice from its first episode. Their subects are fascinating, the sound design excellent. I love the informal conversational style punctuated with profundity. Revelatory and resonant.